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Jose's Taco Sauce is Back!


Overland Park, KS- KC Classic Gourmet Foods reunited with former patrons of the family's Jose's Mexican Food Restaurant, relaunching a Kansas City favorite.  Jose's Taco sauce was a staple at the restaurants from the late sixties until the eighties.  Loyal patrons mourned the day when the family retired from the business.  Nina Ward, president of KCCGS and also the patriarch's daughter, has been producing specialty food items since the restaurant's closing. 

Nina decided to start making the sauce again at the end of 2013. During the same time, a Facebook cyberstorm was brewing.  The "We Grew Up in the OP" tribute site about growing up in Overland Park has a very large base of followers.  Various Jose's posts brought out mass reminisence of the old place.  A couple of a hundred posts later, Brad Moore, a former Jose's devotee, decided to contact Nina.

"I just wanted to reconnect with Nina.  My family ate at Jose's weekly.  It was right by our house.  Everyone just loved the food, the service, and the family that ran it", Brad explained.

Brad quickly created the "We Love Jose's Taco Sauce" page on Facebook.  Word of mouth brought 150 followers in the first 24 hours.  The followers included former employees and patrons.  Brad obtained a few cases and had a minor get together at a local parking lot.  The handful of cases quickly disappeared.  When Nina got news how quickly the jars disappeared, she and her daughter Rosina fired up the the production line and went to work.


Meanwhile, Brad was seeing Facebook growing with anticipation.  Posts asking about where to obtain the red gold and more posts with fond remembrences of Nina's family made Brad want to do even more.  Jose's Taco Sauce would get a proper launch.  Nina and Brad working with Michael McKeon ( a former employee of Jose's) used Michael's Frugal Framer store location for the launch party. The result, a reunion of former employees and patrons swapping stories, getting reacquainted, and savoring the sauce they thought they would never taste again.

"I don't know why it did not happen sooner.  Maybe a classic is made after it has gone for awhile", Nina said..

KC Classic Gourmet Foods is a Kansas City based specialty food provider. Their product line includes dips, sauces, dressings, fondues, and other snack foods.  They also have a web presence at www.kcclassicgourmetfoods.com.


Brad Moore (L) and a few Jose's fans


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